Love (Or Not) At First Swipe: what Tinder taught me

If falling victim to the captivating, soul-sucking Tinder world is a crime, then I’m afraid I am guilty as charged. Whether seeking a short-lived fling involving lots of sex, embarking on a quest to find true love once and for all, or even just messaging a bunch of random people and spinning some wicked yarns, … More Love (Or Not) At First Swipe: what Tinder taught me

My Day Out

This morning, I woke up feeling that today was going to be a good day. I pulled back my curtains with the sun shining through the clouds, opened the window and took a breath of cool autumn air. Yep, I could feel it. After battling a nasty cold for a few days and blasting my system … More My Day Out

The Initiation

After many weeks, the night was finally here. I tug my purple dress over my head, thankful of the safety pin holding it together at the sides so I can actually fit into it. Twisting my hair back into a bun, I throw my purple and dark pink winter scarf over my shoulders and take … More The Initiation