About Me

Everyone has their own story to tell. I know I certainly do. Being a graduate of a three-year graphic design degree, I like to think that I’ve got my life pretty much sorted, with a bright future involving a big shiny office, lots of international travel, and the occasional lottery win thrown in.

But I don’t.


I decided to start writing about my misadventures in the world of life. Next year I’m planning to move to England for a year, simply because I have that inner voice in my head that sometimes encourages me to do something crazy and embrace the unexpected. Well, hello.

If you’ve got time, feel free to check out my blog posts. Anyway, I think they’re pretty awesome and I hope you have a laugh (and can relate to them!) Ps. If you love food, photography, getting out into the world and having a laugh with a bunch of mates around a campfire with music, alcohol and marshmallows, then I can sense the start of a beautiful friendship forming…

Bindy xx