About Me

Everyone has their own story to tell. I know I certainly do. Being a graduate of a three-year graphic design degree, I like to think that I’ve got my life pretty much sorted, with a bright future involving a big shiny office, lots of international travel, and the occasional lottery win thrown in.

But I don’t.


In fact, I’m just an awkward, 20-something year old girl from Christchurch, New Zealand. Even though I don’t need them, I wear hipster glasses, have dyed brown hair and have a love of illustration, hot chocolate, cats, the colour blue and most importantly, FOOD. Plus I adore a British sense of humour, am doing my big OE next year, and love Zumba and reading A LOT of books in my spare time. But also, I have that inner voice in my head that sometimes encourages me to do something crazy and embrace the unexpected.

So I decided to write about my life instead. I basically write about things that have happened to me, things I’ve learned (or wish I’ve learned) from the past, stuff I want to do, short stories, places I want to travel to, etc. Might chuck a recipe or two in there and see how that turns out as well!

Finally, a note of caution. To all who read, prepare for stories about alcohol-fuelled late nights, the world of so-called ‘adulthood’, socially awkward moments and a LOT of craziness. And most importantly, I do hope you like it.