Au Revoir! (Bindy’s Leaving Party)

As I now officially have less than a month to go until I enter the UK, last weekend I threw my leaving party for all my friends and well-wishers to attend. I had it at my flat, a bunch of my dance friends showed up and we passed the night talking, playing Circle Of Death, dancing, laughing, talking amongst ourselves, taking photos and of course, downing a series of cold, alcohol-based beverages. I really enjoyed myself and it seemed like everyone else did, too. My wish jar made a reappearance, this time as a Yarn Jar, where people could write pretty much anything (‘spin a yarn’), as well as wish me luck on my travels. My favourite part of the jar was actually the sign I had made for it, featuring what I thought famous landmarks should actually be called. I’m actually going to tell you a few now, because even I thought they were pretty funny. Excuse the fact that I laugh at my own jokes, but y’know.

Leaning Tower of Pisa: #AWKWARDLEAN Berlin Wall: Banksy on steroids London Eye: Real life spinny wheel of doom Big Ben: Overrated grandfather clock Buckingham Palace: Her Majesty’s crib. And so on.

By the end of the night, the jar was filled up with little notes, noise control had made an appearance (hahaha), litres of alcohol had been consumed and I had had an amazing time with all my friends. And once again, I was a little bit ‘white girl wasted’ but like last time, NO REGRETS.

BeFunky Collage

Now all that’s left is to wait. Oh, and pack my suitcase.

I know I’ve been prepping for this for like a year, but it doesn’t feel real, in a way. I guess it won’t actually sink in that I’m moving to England for a year until I’m actually on the plane. But then again how does anyone actually mentally prepare for this? And because I’m going on my own, it’s even scarier.

So I’ve been filling my spare days with doing fun things with my friends, and of course, Sven. I’ve gone swimming, watched TV shows with them, gone on coffee dates and BYO’s, gone dancing, and done all these awesome fun things before my time here is up. But let’s not think about that right now. Instead, let’s enjoy what the present has to offer.

My next post will likely be on how to pack a suitcase – maybe with a ‘How To’ section along the way, because I’m pretty sure everyone has the ‘Too Much Stuff’ problem whenever they go on holiday! Anyway, more to come on that. I’ve also been thinking about doing a ‘how to plan for 2 weeks in London’ post because that’s exactly what I’m doing and if anyone else needs help doing that then it might be a good post to do. Hmm, so many options!

I’m sure about one thing, though: I’m DEFINITELY going to make sure there are some good stories that come outta Europe. I’m starting my journey with a 23-day Contiki literally three days after I fly into Heathrow Airport and I’m going all over the place. Amsterdam, France, Italy, Budapest, Poland, Swiss Alps (plus a stay in the Contiki Swiss chalet!!) and oh boy I am excited. It’s still winter over there so it’s going to be absolutely freezing, but I’ve bought a proper puffer jacket and a selection of winter coats and thermals so bring it on!! This not-so-little Gryffindor Kiwi girl (and proudly so) is taking on the big wide world and I can tell you all this…just wait for the yarns cause gosh there are going to be some bloody good stories….

Bindy xx


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