My ultimate travel bucket list

I’ve had one of these for as long as I can remember. And at the beginning of this year, when the idea of going travelling was slowly starting to form into a reality, I started to take this list a lot more seriously. Bit by bit, I was adding to my travel magazines collection – mainly made up of Contiki brochures and STA pamphlets. To tell the truth, I should have been writing this a few hours ago, but instead I’ve spent that time flicking through the pages and looking at the pictures of all the exciting landmarks and places I’ll be visiting next year. Right now, I have no idea where in the world I will end up or what I’ll be doing, but I definitely know that my travel bucket list will have had a few things ticked off!

Since both my Facebook page and this lovely little website is aimed at becoming dedicated to travel and adventure, I thought I may as well start practicing now before I hit the road. I know I’ve done one of these before a while ago (my reverse bucket list, of all the things I HAVE done in my life so far) but here is another one. The travel version. Give me a few years and I will have either a) completed every item on it b) kept adding to it c) done things that weren’t even on there to begin with or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

So without further ado, here you go. This is in no particular order, but y’know, just roll with it.


Bindy’s Ultimate Travel Bucket List:

  1. Visit all the touristy landmarks but try not to act like your average, run-of-the-mill tourist. Obviously.
  2. Row along the canals of Amsterdam and Venice.
  3. Dance in front of the Berlin Wall.
  4. Visit Auschwitz and go on a tour around the concentration camps. Ditto the Anne Frank House.
  5. Eat pasta, pizza and gelato in Italy on a twilight evening.
  6. Sail around Croatia and visit Dubrovnik.
  7. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and spend half the day soaking away all my worries. Hammer Springs ain’t got nothing on this.
  8. Party on a yacht in the Greek Islands to celebrate my 23rd birthday.
  9. Celebrate St Patrick’s day in Ireland. The good thing is that my Contiki finishes about two weeks before St Paddy’s, so maybe I could hop over to Dublin to celebrate with the locals and help them finish that keg of Guinness? Not that I even drink the stuff. But still, there’s an idea.
  10. Watch a cabaret show in France.
  11. Take a summer holiday in Spain and spend a decent few days drinking cocktails and getting that golden glow tanning on the beach.
  12. Do some Latin dancing with a stranger in the street.
  13. Get my picture taken in front of a chalet in either France or Switzerland. Better living, everyone.
  14. Ride on a camel in Egypt and see the pyramids.
  15. Visit the Maldives and go snorkelling.
  16. Attempt to get a selfie with the Mona Lisa.
  17. Stay in France and go to a house party.
  18. Go to a European music festival, like Glastonbury. I’ll have to remember to bring my gumboots and to not wear anything white for that one. Or the Sonus island festival in Croatia.
  19. Ride the London Eye.
  20. Spend a couple of weeks in New York and go to see a Broadway musical.
  21. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich with the locals. If I’m going to make it to this next year, I’ll have to start learning to like beer. Ha ha!
  22. Watch a fireworks display in London on New Years’ Eve.
  23. Visit the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. I’m so excited to do this because I’m a massive (albeit slightly nerdy) HP fan and 100% need to honour my Gryffindor roots. And drink Butterbeer.
  24. Ditto Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station.
  25. Wear a pair of clogs.
  26. Visit Beatrix Potter’s house. Her stories were a gateway to my childhood love of books.
  27. Walk on the Great Wall of China.
  28. Do a road trip across some areas of the USA. (Route 66, look out, cause I’m coming your way!)
  29. Ride on a red double-decker bus through the streets of London.
  30. Canoe on a scenic lake in Canada with a view of the mountains.
  31. Buckingham Palace. I wouldn’t mind getting a sneaky photo with one of the guards there either. Or watching the Changing of the Guards take place firsthand, instead of reading about it in AA Milne’s Winnie The Pooh.
  32. Get a photo of myself beside or in a red telephone box.
  33. Ride a train to Scotland.
  34. Go shopping at the markets in Barcelona.
  35. Go clubbing in Greece in the middle of summer and dance the night away.
  36. Listen (and watch!) a classical music concert in Vienna.
  37. Take a trek in Iceland and visit a waterfall.
  38. Swim in Lake Bled.
  39. Party in Ibiza while dancing madly to the song ‘Miami 2 Ibiza‘ by Tinie Tempah and Swedish House Mafia.
  40. Have a drink in an Irish pub, whether in the city or country.
  41. Visit the country village where the Vicar of Dibley was filmed.
  42. Have dinner in an Italian restaurant with accordion music being played outside.

Only forty-two bullet points long so far. Good job me! It’ll be interesting to look back on this at the start of 2019 and see how many of these I will have completed. And if this doesn’t make you want to travel, then I don’t know what will.

Love always,

Bindy Xxx



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