Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

It’s bloody cold here. Aside from wearing my panda onesie religiously, heating my wheatie bag every so often and wrapping myself up in my big red blanket on my bed, my room has no means of heating. I think this is the coldest winter that I’ve had in a long while. On Tuesday after work, I packed my bags and hit the road home in my dear little Scottie for a couple of days’ R & R at home in North Canterbury. I was a bit apprehensive driving there in the cold and sleety rain, but I got there safely in the end, and glad I did, because listen to this. The next morning, I woke up, went over to the window, pulled up the blind, and there was a beautiful, entire world of white outside. And yes, all these little white flakes were still falling from the heavens.

Yes, believe it or not, it was actually SNOWING!!

As you can probably tell, I was very excited. I had planned to head up to Hanmer Springs on that Wednesday morning for a soak in the hotpools with a close friend of mine, and to have snow added into the mix…what a thrill. By mid-morning, the sky was darkened with clouds and snow was falling with a vengeance and I was starting to worry that we wouldn’t be able to make it up there. But a bit later, the sun came out for a bit and the snow had stopped, so we were able to go for our road trip and go to the pools after all. There’s nothing like sitting in a heated, bubbling thermal pool with a lovely scenic view of the mountains and trees topped by snow. This should be somewhere on everyone’s travel bucket list. Tick!

Now, I am one of those people who LOVE snow. I like how pretty it makes everything look, like an old-fashioned Christmas card showing tiny cottages lit by lamps and covered in white on the outside. Despite the cold, I like going outside and looking round at the snow as it spirals down through the air. I like feeling the cold air hit my face and pretending that I’m a dragon breathing out puffs of hot air. Does anyone else stick their tongue out in an attempt to catch a snowflake on it? If not, then you definitely should. In the evening, you can light a fire (or turn on the heat pump, if you’re in the city) and snuggle up with a book, the cat and a pre-dinner drink of bourbon and cola. Well, that’s what we do in our house when it’s the middle of winter. Not to mention that you can eat things like whole roast dinners and warm chocolate puddings, simply because it’s cold and you’re in need of some good comfort food. Oh, the joys of country life when snow hits!

BeFunky Collage

But the point of this blog isn’t simply to gush about how wonderful snow is, although I already sort of did that already. Sooo…

After I posted a couple of photos on Instagram and Facebook that cold Wednesday morning, with hashtags like #winterwonderland #snowfall #whiteout and #flurry, I then reached out to my friends on social media to ask them how to make the most of a snow day. I had already come up with the following: watch Frozen for the millionth time, build a snowman and do some baking. Now what?

So, in case you are also experiencing an extremely cold winter with quite a bit of snow, I present to you this list of things to do on a snow day. All of them are worth a try at least once!

Fun Things To Do On A Snow Day When It’s Beautiful Outside But Basically Penguin Weather:

  1. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight and make snow angels. Obviously, these are the most common activities to do on a snow day. If if snows, go outside and release your inner child. Roll massive balls of snow and stack them on top of one another, then add sticks as arms, a carrot nose, stones as eyes and bingo, you’ve got yourself a snowman. Hide behind a hedge and throw snowballs at a unsuspecting passers-by/the postman/the next door neighbour’s dog you hate with a passion. Lie down in the snow and wave your arms and legs to create lovely snow angels (or snow devils – cheeky). There is much fun to be had!

2. Ride down a hill on a makeshift sled. One of my Canadian friends commented below my post with, “I’m a Canadian full of ideas, I’ve got you covered!” which made me think, “AMEN to that!” I have done this in the past with my Mum and Dad, and it’s so much fun, although 100x more scary when you’re a smaller person! The good thing about living on a farm is that we had plenty of hills to choose from to slide down, and we sledded down the hill on a black type doughnut with a tarpaulin draped over it. If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, tie your sled to the back of a truck with a rope and see how fast you can go around a paddock! But remember, children, safety is key.

3. Make soup and Devonshire scones for eats. As recommended by one of my mum’s friends, scones, soup and hot coffee is the way to go! (Or hot chocolate, if you don’t drink coffee). There is nothing better than French onion soup topped with a crouton and grated cheese, followed by home-baked hot scones slathered with jam and whipped cream. One word: DROOL-WORTHY.

4. Watch Frozen for the 100,574th time. Frozen was one of my all-time favourite movies back when I was a fresher at uni. You either love it or you hate it, and I was an eighteen-year old who was obsessed with it – I even went as Elsa to a themed UCanDance party once. And because it’s snowing, and cold, and everyone loves Disney movies, there’s not excuse NOT to watch it. *starts to sing* “Let it go, let it goooo….”

5. Build an igloo/blanket fort. All you need is a large blanket, a few chairs and a heap of snuggly pillows. It’s even better if you’ve got your significant other/teddy bear/cat with you, cause then you can bring in snacks, popcorn and fairy lights for your own little snuggle-fest. Aww.

6. Make snow cones. I haven’t made a snow cone from scratch, but how hard can it be? All you need is a scoop or two of clean-looking snow, then add some Raro or powder used to flavour ice-based drinks. Now you’ve got yourself a snow cone!

7. Get baking. The kitchen is usually the warmest room of the house, especially in mine because we’ve got an Aga wood burner, so get in the kitchen and turn up the heat and craft some snow day treats! On this cold snow day, I made myself some delicious-tasting cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing and pretty pink sprinkles. The possibilities are endless. Chocolate brownie, caramel slice, fudge, rice bubble cake, banana bread…

19989775_464979013863202_4134113193580356466_nAnd there ends my list. By now, the snow has melted away, but next year I will be in Europe so I’ll just have to be patient, I suppose! Next on my winter bucket list: holiday in Canada during the winter season, go ice skating on a lake and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows in front of the fire in a log cabin.

Oh, and see some beavers. And a few moose.

Bindy Xxx

PS. The above photo is of one of our sheepdogs, Heidi, playing in the snow. She’s such a poser but she looks like she enjoyed herself, so I’ll leave you with that cute dog photo.


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