My ultimate reverse bucket list

A few days ago, I was contemplating writing my own eulogy.

First of all: don’t worry. Nothing bad happened to me. It’s just that on this particular day in question, I had decided to pop home for a couple of days and stay with my parents over Easter. Given that Hanmer Springs isn’t too far away from where their house is, I also thought I would take a tiny detour up there to check out the pools and take (yet another) a walk up Conical Hill with an old friend of mine who was also visiting that weekend. Ah, I thought, as we stood in the queue outside the entrance to the pools which snaked almost all the way to the intersection. Even though it’s horrifically busy, a nice soak in the warm thermal pools is exactly what I need. 

However, this was not the only thing that my friend had in mind for the day’s adventures. She somehow managed to drag me kicking and screaming convince me to go on the infamous Superbowl ride with her, a terrifying inverted dome-shaped ride which may, if speed was too fast and water too slippy, cause the rider to fly off the inflatable raft, hit their head on the side and spiral down the slide towards potential injury or death. As you can probably tell, I am not an adrenaline junkie, and all through the queueing to go on the ride, thoughts of doom kept running through my head.

What if I fall off?

I do hope the raft doesn’t do a 360 turn in midair or something when it’s going round the side. Can they do that?

Oh God…maybe I should have written my eulogy after all.

Suddenly, we’re off, heading down the slide. And the funny thing is, after feeling the rush of air on my skin as we quickly spiral downwards and the massive splash of water on my face as we make our grand exit to the end, I wish I could do it all over again!

“Why on earth didn’t you get me to do this earlier?” I shout joyfully afterwards, giving her a massive hug and giddy from the excitement that comes from not dying going down a waterslide.

Anyway, this got me thinking. Everyone has a bucket list, right? You have all these things in your life that you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’. Mine are pretty basic, and are as follows: 1) Travel all around the world and have experiences. 2) Take part and be on stage in the Wearable Arts Show held in Wellington every year. 3) Become well-known for my blog and get a dream career travelling, blogging, and drawing cool cartoony pictures. 4) Get married, have at least one baby and own a house with a spa, sauna and walk-in library. See? Nothing about jumping out of a plane with a parachute or winning the Lottery here. (Although, the Lottery win would help greatly with plans to travel, because, money).

But here, I’ve decided to create a Reverse Bucket List, which allows me to share with you all the cool things I’ve done already. We’ve all done awesome things in our lives that have left us with great memories, photos, and stories to tell our kids. So without further ado, here are some of mine.


Bindy’s Reverse Bucket List Which Lists All The Cool Things She Has Done During Her 21 Years Of Life:

  1. Turned 21.
  2. Ridden in a helicopter.
  3. Gone on a hot air balloon ride.
  4. Driven a tractor. (Well, sat on Dad’s knee when I was little and used the steering wheel).
  5. Been to Australia four times.
  6. Gone on the Scooby Doo ride at Movieworld on the Gold Coast.
  7. Gone horseback riding.
  8. Gone skiing at Porter Heights.
  9. Been trampolining.
  10. Joined Tinder. Went on a couple of dates with a couple of nice guys where we bonded over our love of food. Then got bored with it and deleted Tinder.
  11. Demolished a gigantic Rocky Road Quake Shake at bakery Pie Face.
  12. Seen Ellie Goulding in concert – twice.
  13. Been stargazing in Spencer Park.
  14. Been a cheerleader. (For about one semester, but that still counts, right?)
  15. Done the ice bucket challenge.
  16. Made it into Tea Party even though I wasn’t a UC student. (Tee hee hee. However, students at Ara were allowed to go and it was a great day).
  17. Learned how to do a Rueda.
  18. Graduated from uni.
  19. Held a koala and given it a cuddle.
  20. Flew to Wellington to watch the Wearable Arts show in 2014.
  21. Seen the (Broadway!) stage musical of The Lion King onstage in Melbourne.
  22. Kept a diary for a year when I was in high school.
  23. Got a henna tattoo.
  24. Gone on a pub crawl.
  25. Ridden on a party bus three times.
  26. Been involved in the shoot for a music video.
  27. Played KitKat Jenga and Biscuit Blizzard. (Yes, these are indeed games from the Miranda series).
  28. Owned multiple pet sheep, over the years. (Sweetheart, Snowball, Jasmine, Lily and Daisy. Sweetheart is the first one I had and is the only one still living to this day).
  29. Ridden a pet sheep. (Umm, it was an accident…I got on and couldn’t get off…)
  30. Planned to travel across to the other side of the world. (Yep, on my OWN).
  31. Taken a barista course in making coffee. (Well, sort of. Does learning how to steam milk count?)
  32. Sneaked into the gambling section of a Robbie’s restaurant when I was underage. (Look, I was nine at the time and just thought it was a flashy games room, alright?)
  33. Joined a writer’s group.
  34. Learned how to play piano.
  35. Spoken French to a French person in the midst of a drunken party and got most of the words right.
  36. Taken a photography class.
  37. Scored 98% in the Australasian Spelling Test for my age group when I was nine years old.
  38. Been to a real, live fashion show. (It was a classy evening, too. Ticket invite only – but I got in free cause of helping with the design work for it).
  39. Sang karaoke. (If memory serves me correctly, it was an Ed Sheeran song).
  40. Starred in two short films and been an extra in a TV series.
  41. Acted on stage. (First in Social Climbers, next in Dad’s Army with Cas n’ Ova Productions.)
  42. Sang on stage.
  43. Done multiple dance performances (with various groups) in front of an audience.
  44. Danced the salsa in the rain.
  45. Visited an ice bar in Queenstown.

And finally…

46. Survived the Superbowl ride at Hanmer Springs.

I’m sure I’ve definitely done more cool things in my lifetime, but I actually can’t think of any more! If any of you guys want to know the story behind some of the things on my list, then let me know and I might tell you, cause we all love a good story, right??

Love always,

Bindy Xxx


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