The Initiation

After many weeks, the night was finally here. I tug my purple dress over my head, thankful of the safety pin holding it together at the sides so I can actually fit into it. Twisting my hair back into a bun, I throw my purple and dark pink winter scarf over my shoulders and take a moment to glance at myself in a mirror. Not bad at all for a flat initiation outfit. I guess I could have pulled out all the stops and gone with purple corduroy dungarees instead, but this would have to do.


What comes to mind when you think of an ‘initiation’? For me, it was scenes from movies like Bad Neighbours and Pitch Perfect 2, where students wearing sheets over their heads recite vows about how they will bring honour and glory to said flat/club/university. They then are encouraged to consume a fair amount of alcohol by competing in drinking-game challenges, before running a naked relay around the uni campus and passing out in someone’s garden at four in the morning, even though they have a 9am lecture the next day. Luckily, our ‘flat initiation’ was a lot tamer. In the end, we decided not to do a flat room crawl, but instead head out to a BYO restaurant and then play more drinking games when we got back, which I think was quite nice. (I’m sure my Pin The Hair On Donald Trump game will come in handy one day). The three main rules of the night, as dictated by my flatmates David, JD and Aimee, were this:  a) Since there were six of us altogether, we had to each dress as one colour of the rainbow (ROYGBV). Blue had already been spoken for, so I dressed in purple. b) One of our drinks had to be the same colour as what we were wearing, hence my purchase of a supposedly cranberry-flavoured cider. And c), since we were heading to a Chinese BYO that night and were expected to bring a bottle of wine or cider, our bottles had to be finished before we could even set foot inside the house again. It certainly looked set to be an interesting night, that was for sure. So, for your enjoyment and entertainment, here are my version of events.


The Initiation: A First-Hand Version Of Events As Told By Bindy:

6:00pm: Am in the process of getting ready. Have showered, got into my purple dress and am starting to do my makeup. Get a little bit excited when I realise I have purple eyeshadow and winter scarf I can wear to go with outfit.

6:30pm: Finish updating my Instagram with a photo of myself before I get totally sozzled, and go downstairs in order to begin drinking with my flatmates. Am able to borrow a big purple bow from Aimee to put in my hair, which I am pleased about.

6:40pm: Jordan, Aimee, David and I sit round in the living room talking about random shit, listening to a 90’s music Spotify playlist and waiting for JD and Kha to finish getting ready. A group Snapchat account is created for the flat, to my amusement.

7:00pm: When everyone is ready, we head out the front door and off down to Bush Inn. It’s drizzling with rain so I wear my rain jacket (which is also purple and has a hood – nice). The others huddle under umbrellas. David abandons us by running across the road and leaving us stranded on the other side.

7:18pm: We all cross the road at different times but eventually catch up to one another. Rain gets worse as we struggle along. In short, we look like a bedraggled human rainbow.

7:25pm: Kha has realised he doesn’t have anything to drink, so quickly runs across the road to Countdown to buy a bottle of wine.

7:30pm: We get to the BYO and sit down, placing our wine and cider on the table as we do so. I grab a menu and my eye lands on my favourite Chinese dish which I order practically every time I get Chinese; sweet and sour pork. A hard decision is made almost immediately. Lovely.

7:37pm: Kha rejoins our little group. The waitress arrives at our table, takes our orders and tells David and myself that only wine is allowed and so we cannot drink our cider here. Great. Now guess who has to skull a 550ml bottle of cider on the flat doorstep in the rain and cold when we get back? Yes, dear diary, it is I!

7:50pm: We are taking the concept of ‘flat bonding’ to another level by talking about anything and everything. Past relationships, how our parents met, favourite foods, the joys of student culture and just general STUFF. Very entertaining and witty dinnertime conversation.

8:15pm: The food arrives. Since Jordan and I ordered the same thing, everyone else’ food arrives first, which means that we sit there for another five minutes watching as everyone else digs in. In short, there is nothing worse than having to do so when you’re super hungry.


8:18pm: So. Much. Pineapple. But the battered pork and rice is oh so good.

8:40pm: I am almost too full to move, but I have no regrets in the slightest. Someone brings up the topic of a scene from the book version of The Hunger Games, when Katniss is at a party in the Capitol, and the guests are given a drink that makes them throw up so they can eat more food. Feel ill just thinking about it.

8:51pm: We go up to the counter to pay and then make our way back to the flat. I feel the most sober out of everyone. Rain still hasn’t stopped.

9:02pm: We pass an old man on the other side of the road with his pants down. Aimee wonders if he needs help, but then we realise he’s actually going for a wee against a brick wall. All of us start giggling.

9:09pm: David abandons us again to venture to the other side of the road. Those of us remaining cross at the traffic lights like the responsible adults we are. I squint against the bright lights of the oncoming traffic as it’s hard to see where we’re going.

9:15pm: Still no sign of David. The moment we turn into our road, I pull the cap off my cider bottle and begin gulping it down like I’m in the desert and am dying of thirst.

9:20pm: Oh God. This was a terrible decision. The cider is too fizzy and is not made to be rapidly consumed, especially not by me. And I’ve only drunk a quarter of the bottle.

9:27pm: David, Kha and I stand outside on the steps in the rain, attempting to finish our bottles. I am quite happy to never do something like this again. Feel like I might throw up. Got a quarter of cider left. Not even sure I can finish that. Deep breaths, Bindles…

9:30pm: Bottle finished at last. I tip it upside down in front of my flatmates to prove I’m done while trying not to pour it all back out the same way it went in. Kha is still outside trying to finish his wine.

9:42pm: We begin playing Circle Of Death, and eventually let Kha in because it’s cold and raining. The 90’s playlist is still going strong.

9:45pm: For some reason, the number 10 is picked up an awful lot, which means we end up playing a lot of rounds of ‘Never Have I Ever’. It’s getting harder to think of things that I’ve never done in my lifetime, which makes me a) drunkenly paranoid and b) begin to worry that, despite being alive for 21 years, I’ve never actually really lived.

10:13pm: I’m taking tiny sips of a vodka premixed bottle and end up typing a Snapchat to my friend Ash that reads, “So not cut out for Wednesday night drinking… #rekd.” I then look for a cutesy Bitmoji to go with it and hit Send. *shakes head in dismay at non-sober past self*

10:25pm: My flatmates and I eventually stop our games and unanimously decide to go to bed which suits me fine, because I have work in the morning. Head upstairs to brush my teeth. Midway through, Kha walks in, contemplating the fact that he needs to wash his hair but can’t be bothered having a proper shower.

10:27pm: Eventually he kneels down, sticks his head into the shower and turns the water jet on full. Screams when I aim it towards the back of his head. This amuses me very much.

10:30pm: Clumsily get into my pyjamas and crash into bed. Officially dead.


All in all, I think the night went very well indeed. It was certainly an interesting ‘flat bonding’ time, that’s for sure! A big thank you to my wonderful flatmates, who made all this possible, cause I literally couldn’t have done it without you. I’m secretly hoping that the next time we have a get-together, a round or two of Pin The Hair On Donald Trump just might prove to be a popular party game…

Love always,

Bindy Xxx




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